About the Obscuriat

The Obscuriat – What does obscuriat mean?

Obscuriat is an artificial word made up of the words obscurus (Latin for dark, sinister, hidden, secret) and antiquarian.

It symbolizes what our products represent, the immersion in a fictitious reality.

With the obscuriat we want to represent a mystical or occult charm.

Our products – What do you sell?

Ultimately, we want to sell a feeling of apparent realness.

Like a good book you can dive into, we want our customers to be able to immerse themselves in their adventure with the help of our products. You should be able to hold something in your hands that seems to come from another time and another world.

Of course, our products are anything but fictional, they are real. If you buy them, you will soon be able to hold them in your own hands and let yourselves be carried away by their fascination into strange worlds, use them in your role-playing and LARP experiences, or simply put them on the shelf as a real eye-catcher and thus provide something to talk about.

And last but not least, they are also a bit of art, at least we think so.

Do you also make props for LARPs or Movies?

Yes, our initial focus is on P&P role-playing games, but of course we can also develop and produce props for LARPs and films.

For example, we have already created props for the film project HAUNTER FROM BEYOND. We are therefore happy to receive inquiries about your projects!

Who we are!

We are four roleplaying enthusiasts and have been practicing this hobby in its various forms (Pen & Paper, LARP) for more than 25 years.

In our many years as players, game masters and organizers of LARP and P&P conventions we have made the experience that beautifully designed props and handouts that give you the feeling of realness can deepen the gaming experience even more.

Who hasn’t been stunned when the game master at the table suddenly pulled out the mysterious box and smiled seductively: And do you really want to open it?

In LARP, it has been standard from the beginning that the important artifacts, scrolls and central items of the plot are also physically present. Usually they are created with a lot of love and meticulousness by the host.

Newer mystery and detective games also thrive on this sense of authenticity that they seek to convey. The players should feel like the detectives, they should be in the game instead of just sitting in front of it or looking over it like a spectator.

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