Papyrus of the black Sun


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The Papyrus of the Black Sun is a partly printed and partly hand-painted papyrus in Egyptian style.

The papyrus shows the pharaoh Nephren-Ka and his wife Nitocris summoning a five-headed creature. Above them is a black sun. The two are framed by hieroglyphs.

The papyrus measures approx. 17 cm x 29 cm.

With our short adventure The Maw we offer you a way to use the papyrus in the context of a roleplaying adventure.


Special Notes:

The papyrus is not suitable for children!
Due to the digital color reproduction on different display technologies and settings, it can come to a distorted color representation, which deviates from the printed product.
Color deviations are possible due to production.
Size deviations are possible due to the material.

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